Our range of activities include: technical design, distribution, installation, and maintenance of water-supply, sewage, and measuring/control systems with a 24-h technical support.


Industrial instrumentation

The main precondition for automation of today's production process is knowing the actual process parameters — this can be determined by the measuring instruments. In a modern, responsive and safe industrial process, the requirements for the measuring equipment should be set high:

  • High accuracy
  • Clear functionality, easy to use
  • Quick and cost-effective maintenance
  • Equipment-checking during operation
  • Self-diagnostics and self-monitoring
  • Robustness
  • Communication capabilities
The industrial process planners usually envisage that measuring errors shall be within the acceptable tolerance range, however, the final conditions are "set" by the point of measurement.
The measuring equipment manufactured by Foxboro / Eckardt offers solutions for carrying out measurements in the most demanding processes and harshest conditions. 

  • Gauges and sensors for absolute, relative or differential pressure for liquids and gases;
  • Level gauges;
  • Temperature sensors;
  • Flow meters: Vortex (para), Coriolis, Magneto-inductive, DP;
  • Pneumatic position regulators (positioners)
  • Analysis equipment

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