Our range of activities include: technical design, distribution, installation, and maintenance of water-supply, sewage, and measuring/control systems with a 24-h technical support.


POLO-ECO plus Premium

The requirements for domestic water supply pipeline systems have considerably increased during the past years. Although the industrial waste water which has to be conveyed through the pipes is becoming more and more aggressive, the service life of the pipe material of 50 – 80 years must in no way be reduced. Now that high-pressure flushing has become the usual method of constantly servicing the sewage pipeline network, the internal layer has to be highly resistant to abrasion and shock. Besides, the design of sewage systems has to be optimised due to the steadily rising costs in domestic water supply. The result is flow gradients in the per mil range and low installation depth.


Polypropylene is the basic material which has been developed further by the application of specialised compounding methods. Thus, physical material parameters can be improved in a controlled manner. In a long series of tests where mineral reinforcing substances were added to polypropylene a compound was developed for the POLO-ECO plus pipe providing high rigidity at moderate thickness. The resulting operational advantage is an increased inside diameter giving higher flow rates.

  • THE TRIED - AND –TESTED RELIABLE 3 – LAYER SEWAGE PIPE offers buyers and planners enhanced application possibilities while providing maximum reliability;
  • NEWLY DEVELOPED "TOP-CONNECT-SOCKET SYSTEM" guarantees optimal laying reliability while at the same time saving time and money;
  • NUMEROUS TESTS AND TRIALS attest to the extraordinary quality and practicality of these pipes;
  • 2 CLASSES OF RIGIDITY mean optimum pipe systems for all applications;
  • EXTREMELY RESISTANT TO PUNCTURING making them suitable for all bedding materials and for high-pressure jet cleaning;
  • EXCELLENT LOW-TEMPERATURE IMPACT STRENGTH means the pipes can be laid even in very cold conditions;
  • EXCELLENT IMPACT STRENGTH AND ABRASION RESISTANCE provides long lasting operational reliability;
  • HIGH CHEMICAL RESISTANCE ensures longevity;
  • HIGH THERMAL RESILIENCE therefore also suitable for high temperature waste water;
  • SMOOTH INTERNAL PIPE SURFACES guarantee optimised hydraulic flow behaviour;
  • COMPREHENSIVE RANGE OF MOULDED FITTINGS in real-life dimensions for customised solutions;
  • SUBSEQUENT CONNECTIONS possible through the use of saddle pieces.
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