Our range of activities include: technical design, distribution, installation, and maintenance of water-supply, sewage, and measuring/control systems with a 24-h technical support.



Saint-Gobain Pipelines is the primary manufacturer and supplier of ductile iron and cast iron products to the utilities, telecoms, highways, civil engineering, construction and housing sectors. They are the market leader in the supply of:

  • Cast iron soil and drain and rainwater systems
  • Ductile Iron water and sewer pipes, fittings, valves and couplings & adaptors
  • Ductile iron and fabricated steel access covers and gratings

Saint-Gobain Pipelines offers a comprehensive range of ductile iron fittings, both socketed and flanged, with a blue epoxy coating for potable water and a red epoxy coating for waste water and sewage and is available in the diameter range DN 60 to DN 2000. Flanged joints are rigid and are typically used in above ground applications. Due to the risk of excessive bending moments being imposed it is recommended that flanged pipework is NOT buried.

  • Strength of DI supports external bending moment making it ideally suited for above ground applications
  • High beam strength accommodates spans up to 16m.
  • No risk of performance loss through UV degradation
  • Wide range of flanges available in PN10-PN40.
Fixed flanged joints sets

Joints sets are available to order for use with fixed flanges, these sets contain all components required for fixed flanged joints.

  • IBC gasket 80o IRHD hardness
  • Mild steel (grade 4.6) bolts, nuts and washers coated to water industry specification (WIS) 4-52-03
  • EPDM gaskets are supplied for use with potable water and Nitrile for sewerage.
Adjustable flanges

Saint-Gobain are able to offer adjustable flanges on a range of fittings in DN 80 to DN 600. On a selected number of flanged fittings Saint-Gobain will provide adjustable flanges as the standard product range please refer to the product catalogue for detail.

Fittings with adjustable flanges are jointed in a very similar way to fixed flanged fittings. The adjustable flange is mounted on to the main body of the fitting. The flange is then capable of rotation to align bolt holes.

The key benefits offered by adjustable flanges are time & effort saved on site, particularly above ground or in pumping stations/treatment works.

  • Adjustable for easy alignment if flanges are off-set
  • Able to quickly change flange to higher/lower rating
  • Metal insert gasket
  • Mild steel bolts, nuts and washers
  • Joints sets are available to order for use with adjustable flanges uti DN 300, these sets contain all components required for fixed flanged joints.
  • DN 350 - DN 600 gaskets and bolts supplied separately

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