Our range of activities include: technical design, distribution, installation, and maintenance of water-supply, sewage, and measuring/control systems with a 24-h technical support.


Victaulic piping systems

Victaulic system is an innovative and universal whole-suite solution for joining grooved pipes by means of couplings and fittings which are already prepared for mounting.

It enables a less time-consuming and more effective work. The system is very user-friendly, fast and simple to use, not requiring any special mounting tools, except for the handle and the socket wrench.

Victaulic is the fourth method for joining pipes after welding, and flanged and threaded connections. Since 1925 it has been in use in pipelines, administrative buildings, shipyards, the army, mines, industry and various applications all around the world. The allowed pressures are a lot higher than with the flanged connections, and the weight and the dimensions of the couplings are about 33% to 50% smaller compared to similar flanges. Also, the number of parts has been drastically reduced.

Victaulic is ideal for use in fire-protection systems, water-supply systems, plumbing, sanitary technology, HVAC systems, compressed-air systems, lubrication systems, industrial production lines, artificial snowmaking, water treatment, refineries, power plants etc.

The couplings consist of a two-piece housing, two bolts (up to 24" or DN600), and a gasket. The gasket is formed such that there is an internal chamber inside it which is pushed toward the pipe ends by the medium. This means that the sealing effect increases with pressure. This feature ensures high pressure classes with high safety factors. We also have available vacuum-suitable gaskets.

Furthermore, this whole-suite, reliable and simple method for joining pipes — made of carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium and other materials with diameters ranging from ¾" up to 72" — reduces labour costs for at least 50% and drastically lowers the number of issues related to installation and preparation, including all related incurred costs.

Advantages compared to welding:

  • 5x less time required for creating perfect joints which increases with diameter size and wall thickness of the pipe,
  • The joint may be dismantled later (assembly/disassembly, system modifications, system inspection etc.)
  • Weld-proofing not necessary (imaging, X-ray, ultrasound).
  • No fire/explosion hazard due to sparks/open fire as is the case with welding
  • No release of hazardous gases
  • Rigid or flexible joint

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