Our range of activities include: technical design, distribution, installation, and maintenance of water-supply, sewage, and measuring/control systems with a 24-h technical support.


Domestic water softeners

Domestic water softeners are compact systems. The softening of water – binding of Ca and Mg ions – takes place when the water runs through layers of the ion exchanger. A depleted ion exchanger is automatically regenerated with the help of a sodium chloride solution (salt). In this way the ion exchanger is re-activated.

Special care is required when selecting the appropriate device, since this will directly affect the device in terms of correct and fault-free operation. The selection depends on the requirements and requests of the user, and the manner of control (volumetric, temporal, electronic – combination). The correct selection is a prerequisite for correct and trouble-free long-term operation of the device. Domestic softeners are designed for water softening in the following flow range: 0,425 m3/h — 1,75 m3/h.

Hard water

Hard water is water with high mineral content (calcium, magnesium and other elements). Negative effects of hard water:

  • Limescale: lime deposits in pipes, armatures, power heaters (DHW cylinders). The depositions increase with increased levels of water hardness and water temperature. Limescale removal reduces its depositions in the water-supply system, and reduces the level of corrosion.
  • Washing agents and their solutions have a diminished cleaning effect – higher consumption.
  • Limescale reduces the effective inner diameter of the pipe (reduced flow).
  • White stains on dishware, tableware...

Soft water

Soft water is water with low mineral content (calcium, magnesium and other elements which cause water hardness). With the use of ion exchange water softeners, we are able to completely remove or drastically reduce the presence of these elements in the water. Some advantages of soft water

  • Soft water protects the pipes, heaters, water armatures, household appliances, and ensures longer service-life
  • The washed clothes are softer to touch
  • No white stains on the dishware, faucets, bathroom basins...
  • Saves up to 70% on washing and softening agents
  • Up to 30% energy saving
  • Considerable reduction in the number of failures (required repairs and maintenance works)

Soft water is important for:

  • Baby care
  • Skin care
  • Soft, shining and smooth hair
  • Smaller quantities of washing and softening agents required
  • Longer service life of household appliances (washing machine, dishwasher...)

The preparation of soft water is urgent for: 

  • Your home
  • Beauty parlours, barber shops...
  • Kindergartens and schools
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Photographic studios
  • Hospitals and doctor's offices (especially dental offices) 




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