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Gratings for an effective protection of trees

Gratings for an effective protection of trees


CMC GROUP offers protective tree gratings and frames for immediate installation from the supplier Saint-Gobain PAM. Their Monet gratings were installed on Trubarjeva street in Celje, Gauguin gratings in front of the Merkur shopping centre in Velenje, and Deslandes gratings in front of the Maximus centre in Murska Sobota. You can also choose other models from their range, such as Fantin-Latour, Daubgny, Seurat and Cezanne.

All tree gratings are made of nodular cast iron, whereas frames to install them, are made of galvanized steel. Trials have shown that tree gratings perform well in high-frequency areas such as public spaces, squares, pedestrian zones, marketplaces and the like.

The gratings supplied by Saint-Gobain PAM come in a broad range of patterns, so they can be easily adapted to different styles and the remaining infrastructure of urban areas. Trees with their canopies provide excellent microclimate regulation, they effectively filter dust and reduce noise pollution. It is therefore important to give the trees access to water, air and nutrients despite paved, concrete or asphalt surfaces.

Different sizes and grating allow adjustment to tree trunks of different sizes and limited areas available for installation. By carefully selecting the outer and inner dimensions of gratings, trees can be provided with sufficient space for their development and growth.

Tree gratings supplied by Saint-Gobain PAM combine aesthetics and protection of trees against vandalism and damage.



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