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Reconstruction of the water main and water storage reservoir

Reconstruction of the water main and water storage reservoir


The Vinje-Dolina water main and water storage facility is situated 14 km north-east of the centre of Ljubljana, within the Vinje-Dolina residential area in the municipality of Dol pri Ljubljani. As the old water storage facility was worn-out and did not meet today’s requirements, a new facility with two cells with a total volume of 150 m3 was foreseen. Apart from the construction of the water storage facility, the incoming and outgoing pipelines were moved to the public road in the section between the water storage facility and the town.

The water storage facility is made of reinforced watertight concrete C35/45. The water storage facility is a twin-cell, vertical cylinder water tank with a clear diameter of 6.0 m and a clear height of 3.0 m. The pipe connections are made of acid-proof stainless steel with fittings supplied by Saint-Gobain PAM. Two magnetic-inductive flow meters supplied by ABB WaterMaster are installed for monitoring of ingoing and outgoing water. A pumping station maintains a sufficient water pressure in the adjacent buildings and enables the operator to monitor and control the operation of the water storage facility. 

A new water main is built within the perimeter of the water storage facility. The newly built water main section is NL DN 100. Due to a diversified route, water pipe sealing gaskets STD Vi by Saint-Gobain PAM have been installed.

The reconstruction of the water main and water storage facility was completed in July 2019.



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