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Cooling water treatment with self-cleaning filters

Cooling water treatment with self-cleaning filters


Termoelektrarna Toplarna Ljubljana (TE-TOL) is the largest energy facility in Slovenia that produces heat and electricity in cogeneration. It has been in operation since 1966 and has been updating its energy production processes ever since, thus reducing negative environmental impacts.

In order to upgrade the processes, we installed four automatic filters for generator and turbine 3 at TE-TOL this year, connected them to the control cabinet. In addition, we delivered and connected two self-cleaning filters for mills on boiler no. 3. We also led the protective signals from the cabinet to the control system for the self-cleaning filter of generator and turbine 3 and for the self-cleaning filter for mills on boiler no. 3.

Self-cleaning filter at the cooling water inlet into generator, turbine and mills

Until now, the cooling of oil coolers was carried out via booster pumps with cooling water pumped from the Ljubljanica River. Mechanical filters for cooling water treatment were installed in the cooling water supply system, which allowed treatment of mechanical particles larger than 5 mm, whereas the smaller ones entered the piping package of generator 3 and oil coolers. During the operation of turbine 3, mechanical particles were deposited inside the piping package, thus preventing sufficient cooling and, consequently, increased the oil temperature in the turbine system. During the upgrade, we installed a self-cleaning filter that allows treatment of mechanical particles up to 1000 microns in size. In this way, the periodical annual general cleaning of oil coolers will be avoided at TE-TOL. We installed four automatic DN200 filters (1000 microns) equipped with electric motor-driven cleaning brushes and a control box to control the system.

For molls on boiler 3 we ensured smooth operation and cooling water treatment for the secondary cooling system. Prior to refurbishment, the cooling water for cooling the gearbox oil, the Voith clutch and mill shafts was fed directly from the secondary cooling system tanks. Impurities in the system caused problems with the opening of solenoid valves at the individual mills of Unit 3. Furthermore, we installed two automatic DN100 filters (200 microns) equipped with electric motor-driven cleaning brushes and a control box to control the system.

Prior to carrying out the start-up test, we also performed intermediate controls to verify the construction and operation of all devices.



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