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The Podstenjšek drinking water supply treatment plant

The Podstenjšek drinking water supply treatment plant


The Podstenjšek water source feeds the the Podstenjšek water supply system, which provides drinking water in the villages of Meško, Podstenje, Podstenjšek, Podtabor and Šembija. Raw water is occasionally confronted with problems of cloudiness or turbidity. During these periods the water quality does not meet the requirements of the Drinking Water Rules. To this end, we built a new extension to the existing Podstenjšek pumping station, where we installed a new raw water membrane filtration technology according to the ultrafiltration superpressure principle in vertical modules with a capacity of 2 l/s.

In the project we have provided for the collection and treatment of waste waters and the drainage for their discharge. In the existing station, the distribution pumps were replaced with new ones, a set of mechanical and electrical installations installed and construction rehabilitation works performed. Due to the increased connection power in the electric distribution network at the customer site, a new cable route was built between the connection point and the distributor. As part of the construction work needed to replace the electrical supply cable, the existing distribution water supply line VH Podstenje was replaced with a new ductile cast-iron pipeline. Furthermore, we replaced the PE-HD connection piping between the Podstenjšek water well and the pumping station, and renewed the pipe connections in the Podstenjšek water well with stainless steel pipes.

Prior to distribution to the water supply system, the water was disinfected through the addition of sodium hypochlorite required to effectively disinfect the water supply network, whereas the drinking water at the preparation site after ultrafiltration is microbiologically safe.

Inductive flow meters supplied by ABB were installed in the Podstenjšek, Šembija and Podtabor water wells, and measurements of levels, pressures, temperatures, free chlorine and turbidity performed before and after ultrafiltration. All parameters were integrated into the central control system to allow the operator monitor the performance of the entire Podstenjšek water supply system.

At the completed work, a dry run was first conducted to check the operation of the installed equipment. After successfully completing the dry run, a wet run was performed by filling the tanks with clean water and checking the operation of all the assemblies.
Microbiological analysis of the taken sample of filtered water meets all health requirements and complies with the provisions of the Drinking Water Rules.



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