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Krka fire protection system

Krka fire protection system


Due to the investor's wish for a simple and quick installation, we restored the existing stainless steel pipeline with the Victaulic system. As a result, the time during which other production processes were hindered and the need for fire protection in individual plants was considerably reduced.

The existing pipeline of dimensions DN 200 and DN 250 with a total length of about 800 meters was dismantled. Each pipe was roll grooved at both ends with Victaulic RX rolls, which are suitable for roll grooving stainless steel pipes. When standard rolls are used, the forming of stainless pipes can cause damage, which eventually leads to cracks in the grooves and thus to leakage in the pipe. For the connection of the pipeline we used cast iron Victaulic Style 89 Rigid Couplings, which are used for the connection of stainless steel pipes. We have installed a gasket that is designed to have a chamber inside that forces the medium itself pushes towards the end of the pipe. This means that the increase in pressure also increases the sealing effect. This feature offers high pressure classes with high safety factors.

With the Victaulic system, we have taken advantage of the system's benefits in the installation of roll grooved pipes and the rapid laying of the pipeline, which is particularly important for industrial installations.



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