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A fountain that brings people together

A fountain that brings people together


The inhabitants of the Škofljica municipality had long had the idea of a local marketplace to improve their self-sufficiency in food. As Škofljica did not have a proper town centre, they wanted to create a space where local producers could offer their products to the locals, while people could also meet and socialize. Besides selling food and products, the marketplace could also host various events and workshops to strengthen the entrepreneurial culture and mindset.

The first phase of the spatial design in the Škofljica settlement included the construction of a fountain connecting the market square with the park. Our company, CMC GROUP d.o.o., was entrusted with the implementation of this task.
The client's wish was to achieve the so-called Galaxy Sphere effect with a water motif, therefore we developed a comprehensive solution for the operation of the fountain. We designed the appropriate dimensioning of the pipes connecting the basin and the engine room of the fountain to allow the water to fall freely into the engine room. A stainless steel compensation pool in the engine room is equipped with a submersible pump with a built-in coarse filter. The fountain system is operated via an electrical control panel where the automatic lighting, fresh water refill and pump frequency can be adjusted.

Taking into account the environmental influences, we have also worked out an appropriate solution for water treatment and purification, since one of our requirements was a rational use of water. For this purpose, the fountain works as a closed circuit, which means that the water circulates within the system.



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