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The Vogršček irrigation system

The Vogršček irrigation system


In Vipava Valley, as part of the major maintenance of state irrigation systems for 2020 and 2021, the Farmland and Forest Fund of the Republic of Slovenia envisaged a thorough renovation of the Črniče water pumping station and the manhole under Brana, being the integral parts of the Vogršček irrigation system.

The project was carried out in several phases. CMC GROUP carried out the replacement of the main valve at the extraction point under the Brana hill and the completion of the Črniče water pumping station.

As part of the renovation of the manhole under the Brana hill, we removed the existing butterfly valve with the Auma motor drive, supplied and installed a new butterfly valve and a prefabricated fitting DN 1000. The butterfly valve was fitted with the existing Auma electric motor actuator, the limit switches were set and the automatic opening and closing of the valve was tested. To facilitate the removal of the existing valves and insert the new ones, we widened the manhole opening and installed a new sheet metal cover.

As part of the Črniče water pumping station, we removed the existing deteriorated equipment and supplied and installed a new pump with a capacity of 200 m3/h with an electric motor of 90 kW. As there is no power supply at the site, we supplied a new 200 kW diesel engine and a 3000 liter fuel tank. New stainless steel pipe connections to all necessary shut-off valves were laid and a new inductive flow meter installed. We also installed the electrical installations and controls for the new system, which allows for automatic pump operation, remote control, and 24/7 system monitoring. For this purpose, we installed solar-powered batteries that allow automatic operation even when the pump is not running.



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