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Precision Resource d.o.o.'s new manufacturing and business premises

Precision Resource d.o.o.'s new manufacturing and business premises


Precision Resource d.o.o. is the leading supplier of precision metal components manufactured using the fine cutting technology. The company entered the Slovene market in 2017 via the acquisition of Hidria Rotomatika d.o.o. Because of the expansion of its business operations and a need for higher capacities, it built a new manufacturing facility and business premises in Logatec.

In the construction of these new manufacturing facilities, CMC GROUP d.o.o. participated as the contractor for machine installations. The distribution of technological water was done for heating and cooling of the premises and for machinery in the manufacturing facility. The pipe distribution system was installed using stainless steel grooved pipes and various fittings according to the quick connection method using Victaulic couplings. The Victaulic system facilitates and speeds up the assembly of piping installations, especially in difficult to reach places.

In addition to the pipe distribution system, treatment of feed water was also installed for the heating and cooling system. As the first step in the water treatment process, impurities are mechanically removed from raw water and it is then softened using an automatic ion softening device which operates on the principle of neutral ion exchange. An anti-corrosion agent is then added to the feed ducts in amounts proportional to the water flow in order to protect any components which come in contact with water. The anti-corrosion agent is injected using dosage pumps manufactured by Grundfos. In the last phase, UV sterilization is done using a UV disinfection device by a reputed manufacturer Aquafides. The device has a UVC sensor which measures the radiation power of the UVC light bulb, and this data constitutes crucial input for controlling the operation of the device. UV devices manufactured by Aquafides comply with high quality and safety requirements as evidenced by the ÖNORM M5873-1E certificate.



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SI-1370 Logatec

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